6 Comics Heroes With Serious Portland Cred

In Guardians of the Galaxy , we're introduced to a band of outlaws, outsiders and outcasts. Written for its first 33 issues by DnA, the series was cancelled with issue 38. The most notable addition to the team during the title's publication was the post-"Crisis" Superboy , a 21st century clone of Superman and Lex Luthor who had previously been granted honorary membership.

Much like the iconic Lieutenant Uhura character, played by Nichelle Nichols, that debuted in Star Trek in September 1966, Black Panther was an expression of Afrofuturism—an ethos that fuses African mythologies, technology and science fiction and serves to rebuke conventional depictions of (or, worse, efforts to bring about) a future bereft of black people.

Our games operate in real time. By exploring the disparate experiences of Africans and African Americans, Coogler shines a bright light on the psychic scars of slavery's legacy and how black Americans endure the real-life consequences of it in the present day.

This is similar to superheroes, with shifts in writers and characters. The Legion of Super-Heroes became a regular feature in Adventure Comics with issue #300, 1 but were relegated to back-up feature beginning with issues #381. Vixen should get a special place in history because thanks to the source of her powers and his weakness toward magic she is one of the few beings in the universe who has cut Superman.

Superman, the Margo Robbie inspiration for the Legion, now has to learn from them how to be a hero. We love these flawed superheroes, because it makes them relatable, vulnerable, and REAL. She has emotions, drive, strength, the story allows her to be a hero and the conflict feels vibrant and real - the things that Miller often receives praise for.

All of this is Justified : the early stories of Paperinik made clear he was an hell of a criminal and The Dreaded , thus the people of Duckburg are ready to believe he just returned to his original ways, while people from outside Duckburg started hearing of him when he became a famous superhero and don't believe Angus.

In Les Légendaires , the Legendaries, who used to be loved by the people of their fictive world Alysia, became Heroes with Bad publicity after their "final" fight with their Big Bad Darkhell by accidentally breaking a magic stone, causing it to accidentally trap everyone on the planet in the form of a child.

^ Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 4, #61 (September 1994). ^ Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 6, #1 (July 2010). The character emerged at a time when the civil rights movement rightfully began to increase its demands of an America that had promised so much and delivered so little to its black population.

Some of the film's early success can be credited to Nate Moore, an African­-American executive producer in Marvel's film division who has been vocal about the importance of including black characters in the Marvel universe. Beginning with issue #16, the publication changed its title to Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

So sit back and enjoy as we present 10 characters with the most convoluted back stories in comics. The protagonists of the first game start as treasure hunters and thrill seekers and happen to rid part of Pandora of its most dangerous bandit leaders along the way to the Vault, being praised as heroes by the inhabitants.

Blockchain Identity Management, Part I

The 4th Pillar, empower individuals to build a verified professional history identity, their personal decentralized savings crypto fund and at the same time, organizations can send multiple cross border payments, work-related documentation, recruit based on verified data identity and help reducing carbon&ecological footprint with document digitization. We're committed to working closely with our customers, partners and the community to unlock the next generation of digital identity-based experiences and we're excited to partner with so many people in the industry who are making incredible contributions to this space.

Draftkings NASCAR Tips How To Win & Strategies

The NASCAR Xfinity Series will competes at ISM Raceway (I will call it Phoenix) this week. It is best to know as much about the drivers as you can such as who's looking for a new team, who is facing the prospects of losing their ride, who is the up and coming driver, who is the NASCAR driver who usually gets picked because of his name but has steadily declined in wins and top ten finishes.

Daniel Suarez ($7,700) has been one of the surprise drivers this season. Coming off a dominating performance last week in Fontana where he picked up win #1 on the season, Truex appears to be the early favorite here at Martinsville. Your drivers will knock out 3-8 fastest laps themselves just by being on the track alone and don't even sweat if they don't lead a single lap.

In order to help you have turn a trip to the "Tricky Triangle" into a profitable one, I've highlighted my top cash and GPP NASCAR DFS plays for DraftKings and some of my favorite lineup combinations. Driver talk is something I know a lot of daily fantasy players overlook, and it's one of the most important things in NASCAR.

Jimmie Johnson ($9,100) has finished 12th or better in four of his last five Martinsville starts, which includes his last win at the track in 2016. Smoke was 11th last weekend at Indy, a runner-up at New Hampshire, and fifth in Kentucky in his previous three races.

Both drivers also showed us Top 20 speed in both practices on Friday afternoon. The key to winning your contest is to select the perfect combination of drivers. Most Fantasy NASCAR contests are based on a point system of where the driver finishes in a race but some fantasy NASCAR contests award for laps led or qualifying finish.

At your typical race track, there is a strong correlation between laps led and fastest laps which make singling out a potential dominator an easy task. Truex's practice speeds indicate that he will be the dominator of the race, leading several laps right from the beginning.

For this reason, we will see a lot of those drivers extremely high owned in the DraftKings contests. Careful and conservative drivers stand no chance in this race. They win at the restrictor plate track in Alabama a lot (5 wins in the last 7 races). Joey Logano has performed consistently all season long, always having a shot to win the race.

Both drivers give us a bit of place differential with Truex starting 5th and Busch 7th and both should have a shot at leading laps once again as they were 1-2 in 10 lap averages during final practice. In the past eight Watkins Glen races, Mears has finished in the top-20 eight times, but in seven of those, he moved up from his starting position.

His average running position for that last seven races is 6.32, third best behind Kyle Larson and Martin Truex Jr. Here are more stats to prove his stellar consistency this year - Elliott is 2nd in running laps in the Top 15 and is 4th in Driver's Rating.

DraftKings is one of the only high-profile DFS sites to offer fantasy auto racing, having added it in May 2015. This Sunday there fewer points available in the dominator categories because the race is only 200 laps, but the points in the laps led and fastest laps run categories have been earned by many drivers here.

Nine drivers were priced over $11,000 last week, so fan duel expect that to be a good guide for the future. Find out why the top pro players and minds in the daily fantasy sports industry utilizes FantasyLabs as their DFS research hub. This table shows the correlation between finishing position and starting position at each track on the circuit during the 2017 season.

A Simple Key For TEDx neuroscience stories Unveiled

Stories hack into the brain of ours to hypnotize and also influence us. Have you wondered just how they get it done? Or tips to harness their power?

In this eye-opening and entertaining talk, storytelling author Tomas Pueyo will TEDx neuroscience stories storytelling structure TED science transform how you see stories forever. He takes us on a journey with the neuroscience of stories, why all the great individuals follow the same hidden plan, as well as how we can make use of them as the secret weapon of ours.

The Basic Principles Of Fashion week Seoul

After the bigger fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, the Asian fashion weeks in Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai and Jakarta soon followed. Seoul Fashion Week's spirit of inclusivity is infectious, not only embracing the city around it but also sending out a tannoy call to the world that intelligent design and unabashed fun can coexist — even in the shadow of the world's most volatile political showdown.

From K-Pop to K-Beauty and now K-Fashion, there is no denying the talent and allure pouring out of South Korea in the past decade. This year's Asian menswear finalist in the International Woolmark Prize, MÃœNN took as its inspiration from Korean film The Handmaiden, by acclaimed director Park Chan-wook.

We went to Seoul Fashion Week, and here's what we discovered. Korea Style Week was an opportunity for companies to introduce the public to their products. Rather than reviewing the clothing collections of the shows I attended, this album is about the fashion scene of the people of Korea; the people being inspired by each other; and the people like you and me.

After years of pursuing his dream of an international culinary career around the world, Chef Ryu came back to South Korea and opened his own restaurant in Seoul's Sinsa district. Even once inside the relatively calmer confines of the exhibition spaces, for sheer entertainment, Seoul Fashion Week is in a league of its own.

This unique flagship store is especially interesting to visit for K-Pop fans as the label was created by YG Entertainment, the agency behind some of the biggest Korean music groups. Moonshot does not only sell extravagant fashion but also carries its own makeup line inspired by the biggest names in the Korean music industry.

Coming off of the prestigious British Fashion Council's (BFC), International Fashion Showcase award, designer Younchan Chung's debut collection, The-sirius, is already living up to the definition of the brand's name: the brightest star on the sky at night”.

Jain Song's aesthetic draws on the traditions of men's tailoring, with pantsuits crafted from pinstripe navy wool cloth, but for spring 2017, they were elevated by the creative mastery of the designer's cuts, resulting in dramatic effects on the body.

Fantatsic opportunity to network, meet designers and marvel at the unique style of Seoul. Western designers might be waking up to the potential impact of the fashion show as a 360-degree entertainment experience, but by opening their fashion week up to the public, Seoul has understood this for years.

Anyway, I'd blame being fashionably late in my Forever 21 for the shows on Seoul traffic (if you know Seoul, this isn't entirely a lie!), but, truthfully, it was mostly because I was losing my mind via the style-slaying subjects who caused the aggressive photographers to block the ramps in which I was attempting to descend to get to the shows.

As its most innovative voices graduate to Paris, the takeaway more broadly South Korea fashion is the Korean's instinctive approach to branding. After attending Hera Seoul Fashion Week, we break down the best Korean menswear labels, including Blindness, Ordinary People, 87MM, Kim Seo Ryong and Heich Es Heich.

Established in 2013 by Seoul native Hyun-Min Hann, Munn is a collection of luxurious classics in a similar vein to Kim Jones' offering at Louis Vuitton. Go-to celebrity designer KYE kicked off her collection with her own version of sporty clothes - royal blue velvet tracksuits, silky bomber jackets, and her signature KYE prints.

However, the younger generations are bringing much more fair and diversity to Korea's fashion and culture scenes. Since Koreans consider Han-Woo beef a cultural icon and one of the top-quality beefs of the world, it is used in traditional foods, popular holiday dishes, or as a special-day gift or to dazzle fashion editors.

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